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09 noviembre 2010


The hands-down, absolute best part about blogging Cayman Summer is all YOUR comments. To show my gratitude for your ideas, critiques, character names and constant cheering and to encourage lots more comments along the way, I've put together this give-away.
Everyone who comments will receive one entry for every comment he/she makes on any post. It's that easy. You're already entered, and you didn't even know it. (I reserve the right to disqualify inappropriate, rude, or clearly spam comments.)
If you tell me in your comment that you've shared the post anywhere and anyway (blog, FaceBook, Twitter, GoodReads, email to your best friend, phone call to your grandmother), you'll receive an extra entry for each place you've shared it.
Anyone who runs blog posts about the CAYMAN SUMMER blog in general or this contest, will receive FIVE extra entries. Please, post links to your posts in the comment section of this post. (Or email me the links.) If you Tweet or FaceBook or something I've never heard of about the contest or the cool journey we're taking together, you'll receive two extra entries.
If you've posted a review of ANY OF MY BOOKS on Amazon, GoodReads or your blog, remind me with a link below, and I can give you FIVE extra entries for each review (but not each venue).
You can win more than one prize, but you cannot win more than one of the same prize.
This will cost me a fortune, but all contests are INTERNATIONAL. All over the world, you've found me and made me a part of your lives. This is my way to say THANKS!!
You will all be invited to a special event when CAYMAN SUMMER publishes with more prizes and cool goodies for all. We'll have lots to celebrate together.
5 winners will receive a signed, paperback copy of
5 winners will receive a signed, paperback copy of
10 winners will receive a signed copy of
CAYMAN SUMMER, hot off the press--when it's off the press
One winner will receive a signed collection of all three books!
3 winners will receive a signed, first edition, hard cover copy of TAKEN BY STORM
1 winner will receive a signed, marked (that means I scribble notes to you in the margins throughout the book), first edition, hard cover copy of TAKEN BY STORM
3 winners will receive signed, first edition, hard cover copies of SING ME TO SLEEP!
1 winner will receive a signed, marked (yep, I scribble notes to you all through it), hardcover copy of SING ME TO SLEEP
Three winners will receive a special prize that I can't tell about yet. I'll post pictures when I get to that part in the book. It's a cool memento. You'll want it!
Tell me that you write in a comment, and I'll enter you in a contest for special writer prizes! I'll make a list and enter you every time you comment and share just like the other prizes.)
3 writers will receive first chapter/synopsis critiques (no more than 10 pages)
2 writers will receive 30 page/synopsis critiques
Keep in mind, that I won't critique explicit material. Inappropriate material will be returned and another winner will be chosen.
I reserve the right to change this all up if necessary, add or delete prizes, disqualify obnoxious spammers, choose new winners if I can't find the first one, and change anything else if the need arises.

Si te gusta, o crees que la entrada será útil para tus amigos o contactos compártela. ¡Gracias!

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